B&W Tuesday (with a splash of hand-coloring): sidelined

Abandoned railway cars in White Sulphur Springs, MT
(printed on fabric, hand-colored then scanned; original size 8.5"x12.125")

It was well below 0°F at Stray Arrow this weekend when the outdoor weather station remote’s batteries froze up. It might break freezing tomorrow. Housebound and trying some new stuff in the studio. It started out as a B&W, not sure what to call it now. I have a whole roll of fabric to play with, see where this goes. Throw some color and fun it. Dig out some playclothes and make a real mess. Serious can wait until it warms up.

Ordered 500 more cider apple trees for 2014.

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  1. Wow, that looks really cool! You said you printed it on a shirt? Now that is art and talent! How I wish I can do stuff like that. Probably the only time I can be proud of having “artistic” skills is when I use crayons for my coloring book. Haha