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Photowalking Utah’s 4th annual Temple Square lights event

It is hard to believe that we have been photowalking for four Christmases, but my Lightroom archive tells me it is so. We are gathering at 7 pm on Thursday, December 16 at the statue at South Temple and…

Can’t take these people anywhere-PWU at Temple Square


Scott and Nate, my camera, Scott’s 14-24mm lens

I stood to the side last night and watched Rich giving his low-light tips before Photowalking Utah set out for our third annual event at Temple Square,…

Winter weather photography tips

Christmas lights Temple Square lensbaby special effects

Taken at the 2007 Temple Square photowalk

I, for one, am hoping for some wet weather for the December Photowalk because of the reflections of the lights in the wet concrete at Temple Square.…

Deck the Halls with some Textorizer


Lensbaby 1.0 remixed with files from Textorizer2

It’s been a while since I launched the Textorizer programs, so long in fact that I had to relearn everything I once knew about it. I prevailed again.…

Brief riot of spring color

tulips many colors

Fleeting spring colors

Monthly progress report on those New Year’s resolutions.

  1. Get in shape Yet more excuses.
  2. Baseline mammogram done, with a follow-up repeat and an ultrasound. They now have lots of pictures on file